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Services We Offer

High Specification Fabrication/General Fabrication

We can provide many different kinds of fabrication work from manufacturing bespoke work for customers to high grade petrochemical and aviation work. We are enabled to do so by having coded welders with standards such as ASME IX and AWS D1.1:2010 which allow us as a company to provide the highest quality of work no matter what the product is. Our work standards allow us to provide the customer with a fantastic product that meets and exceeds their expectations but also provide customer service that rivals any other company.

Flow Drilling/Large Quantity Drilling

We can also provide drilling services such as flow drilling and large quantity services which make us stand out from the crowd. Our flow drilling service is a process that involves drilling a hole and simultaneously producing a bush from the parent metal which gives extra support as a bearing surface or for a thread. Our large quantity services are tailored to our customers needs and requirements or for more information please don’t hesitate to contact us.